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08 December 2016 @ 07:21 pm
Make It Right: The Series | Pimp Post  

Welcome to the world of Make It Right - The Series

// Show Details //

Title: Make It Right: The Series (รักออกเดิน Ruk Auk Dern)
Genre: Boys Love (BL), Friendship, Romance, Youth
Aired: Season 1 | 15 May to 31 July 2016
        : Season 2 | 2017
Running Time: 45 minutes
Producers: Copy 'A Bangkok | COSOCOMO CO., Ltd | JINLOE MEDIA WORK
Network: MCOT HD | Line TV

Opening: "I Believe True Love Exists" (เชื่อว่ารักแท้มีจริง) by Gun Achi
Ending: "About Last Night" (เรื่องเมื่อคืน) by Tea Namcha

Note: The series is based from the novel of the same name. No english translations as of the moment.

Make It Right Official Accounts
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

// CAST //

Panichtamrong "Peak" Peemapol as Fuse
Instagram | Twitter

Udompanich "Boom" Krittapak as Tee
Instagram | Twitter

Chittsawangdee "Ohm" Pawat as Frame
Instagram | Twitter

Imerbpathom "Toey" Sittiwat as Book
Instagram | Twitter

Ratanaumnuayshai "Beam" Boonyakorn as Rodtang | IG | Twitter
Techakumphu "Bonne" Manapat as Nine | IG
Wongsamran "Aof" Sutiwas as Yok  | IG
Somkid "Nice" Vichapol as Lukmo | IG | Twitter
Ua-Ampon "Bright" Wichawet as Tan
Chanchalerm "Proy" Manasaporn as Fing | IG | Twitter
Sukpun "Praew" Rattaporn as Mook

Inthapuch "Tonson" Banyada as Jean | IG | Twitter
Kijworaluk "Plan" Rathavit as Wit | IG | Twitter
Nonthanee "Guy" Jirapun as Ess | Twitter
(will update this later my head hurts ;;)



// VIDEOS //

Official Teaser

Unofficial Teaser

Official Trailer


Opening: I Believe True Love Exists by

Ending: About Last Night by Tea Namcha

Can't Hug You by Toey Sittiwat

Love Has Gone

KissAsian (Subbed)
MEGA (1080p Unsubbed) (@JJong080525 on Twitter)

Episode 1: KissAsian
Episode 2: KissAsian
Episode 3: KissAsian
Episode 4: KissAsian
Episode 5: KissAsian
Episode 6: KissAsian
Episode 7: KissAsian

Episode 8: KissAsian
Episode 9: KissAsian
Episode 10: KissAsian
Episode 11: KissAsian
Episode 12: KissAsian

UPDATE: KissAsian's site is down - you may watch the drama in BOXASIAN instead. Link HERE.

Enjoy! Feel free to share you feels on this thread or tweet me @jjeromeduria.
- Sab
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alohalolalohalol on December 10th, 2016 05:41 am (UTC)
aww can't access the kissasian link. will wait for the mega links. I am interested with this one. I will wait patiently. Thanks!
insaneeuphoriiia: peacelovepyyung on December 10th, 2016 01:00 pm (UTC)
Heeeey. You can find the 1080p raws on @JJong080525's twitter account. But yeah - the files are unsubbed :( There are also no softsubs/srts available since Copy'A provided a DVD box which has English subtitles, and I believe they asked other fan subbers to delete their works to allow MIR fans to fully support the show by buying the DVD (as what I have heard). Kissasian's site is down right now. Check JJong's twitter tho, if you want to watch it without subs 💙