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11 March 2025 @ 07:46 pm

welcome; yanatomo

insaneeuphoriiia -どうぞ !

Before anything else, I want to introduce myself for the sake of those who doesn't know me yet, and of course, for you all to know me better.
Isabelle / イサベル / 이사벨 - or Sab. Born in 1996, 18th of October. I am from the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines.
I've been flailing over random asian artists since I was 5 (it was F4's fault - can't be blamed though). Consequently, I became a fan girl, and luckily, my ovaries are still both working.

PS: I love looking at the sky. And--.. I don't bite. Flail with me?

journal purpose

k e e p  t h e  f a n d o m  a l i v e - fightooo-oh!

The moment I (re)entered the Japanese fandom, I knew it would be very hard for me to find the files I want, specifically the old ones that were uploaded years ago. I'm a newbie and I had no one to ask, and I am just clueless.

And now that I got used to it, and luckily, was able to retrieve some of the old files I was finding  I decided to make lots of back-ups of the files I have that might be lost as the years pass by. We know that there will be new generations of fans in the future, and I want them to see what we've seen before. Old scans, videos, DVDs, translations etc. - anything that they might find. I, myself, had suffered, and still suffering from that crisis, since I became a fan later than the others. So, I'm having a hard time finding downloadable links (most are already dead links). Most of them might not come from me, so I do not claim them mine. Probably, some of them were already erased/blocked by the original uploader. We should understand that, because they might have encountered something that made them stop sharing.

As a co-fan, I want to share everything I have, and the things I can get from the near future. Not only to make back-ups of other people's works, but to be able to share my own works as well. Let's keep the fandom alive, shall we?

m y  s a f e  h a v e n ; m y  s w e e t  e s c a p e

In this place, I can escape reality and be true to myself. I can share my opinions and put the works of my pure imagination. Or simply talk to everyone and make friends.

As what I've said, I am purely random, quite peculiar indeed. Partly introvert, but extrovert most of the time. I'm a simple misfit toy who has found the island where I should belong.  And happy to call this place my own.


I just want to say a few requests and pointers in viewing my journal - and basically - about my things and works inside this journal. You can get everything in here freely - like download photos and stuff, but I just want to have this tiny request, please do comment on the post - I will really appreciate it. Well - it'll be better if I know that people do appreciate my works/journal posts. Crediting my works isn't really necessary if you're too lazy to give credits on my hard work (of course it's better if you will), but never claim it as your own. I will put proper credits as well, if ever I will be posting download links or anything that didn't came from me, or wasn't made by me.

Another thing, do not re-upload them in any streaming sites, and strictly, no hot-linking. If ever all the links on a specific post became useless, please notify me right away. But I can't promise to re-upload them right away, since I'm still studying and university (works) is taking it's toll on me, but I'll make sure to check on them in the near future.

SUMMARY: 1) do not forget to comment on the post; 2) do not hotlink my links; 3) do not re-upload in any streaming sites; 4) do not re-upload unless given a permission to do so; 5) do not claim anything as yours.

(The posts were all public BEFORE, but due to other circumstances that had occurred, I had to make my posts PRIVATE. Introduction post, Master list post, Fan fictions and other announcement posts are excluded.)

x x ♥ x ♥ x ♥ x

And one more thing: if you want to be added, comment on this post~♡

m a s t e r p o s t
- ★★★★★ -

t a g s  g u i d e
- xxx -

さ... you can read more about me b e l o w.

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h i d e o u t

t h a n k  y o u for dropping by.
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30 April 2025 @ 01:41 pm



This post contains the list of everything useful I have posted on this livejournal account. In here, you may find scans, photos, videos, translations, fan fictions, mp3s, photoshop edits, and other stuffs for your entertainment.

But before anything else, I just want to remind everyone that there are some things which are not originally mine (you will see credit tags for the real owners),  so please show your respect by giving them credits.

As for the other things, if it has no credit lists, it only means it's mine. But if you were to share my own work somewhere else, I hope you will be considerate enough to remember putting my name on it. And a simple 'Thank you!' would be much appreciated.

Some of the download posts have multiple links, so please check which link is still alive. However, if all of the links are dead, I cannot promise to re-upload every single thing soon, but I will try my best to do that in the future.

Proceed -

PS: This post might not be updated. Just refer to the tags (or to my posts) if you're finding something.

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17 April 2018 @ 06:19 pm

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last updated this journal. I've been away for almost three years from my Japanese fandom, and recently, I've been trying to catch up because of another close friend who got hooked with Itajan.

I noticed that most of my links are not working anymore, and unfortunately, I don't have too much back-up of my old files. A lot people are still adding me for my old posts and I feel bad because of the dead links and such.

Anyways, I'll try to re-upload what I can (I made 3 new Mega accounts for downloading and uploading lol). Of course, some of them cannot be uploaded unless allowed by the original uploader/subber, as to why I still need to check which ones should be shared publicly. I can probably give others some files which are inaccessible from their original links, upon request.

I will try my best to back-up a lot of things since many sites have closed down, and they might not be able to revive/re-upload all the dead links on their sites.

I will not re-upload links which are still accessible from the original blogs/journals. I would definitely take down any post if prohibited by the owner.

For now, I'd like to ask you guys where I can possibly get good quality PVs and shows? I really don't know where to start and I'm not really sure about the new communities that are active.

I am planning to start graduate studies soon (possibly Asian Studies specializing in Japan), and I will definitely need to refresh my Japanese since it's a requirement for the program. Hopefully I could also help subbing/translating stuff in the near future.

Also, I'll be making back-ups of various Thai BL dramas soooo... if anyone wants a copy, just ask ;)

Thank you very much for continuously supporting this journal!

Much love, Sab.
28 December 2016 @ 11:22 am
Hello! I'm here to promote a mini shop I opened 2 years ago - and I'm trying to look for possible buyers in case I decide to reopen the group. 🙂 (For Fellow Filipino Fangirls)

The name of my shop is 私たちの天国 (Our Heaven). It's a "pabili" shop. What I basically do is let my buyers choose the items they want to purchase from Yesasia - and I will buy those items for them. But the catch is, I am very transparent when it comes to pricing, so each buyer will see the original prices/computations for all items - although, I am requiring a little additional fee (for the sake of my efforts and ofc, credit card usage). In other words - I will let you buy all Japanese or Korean things you'd like to purchase from Yesasia, WITH THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE (but then again, with miiiinimal fee).

I have posted this before when I first created the group. The group was created for a small community of people whom I've known for a while and wanted my help. Now, I'm reopening the doors of this shop for everyone who needs my help :) FILIPINO BUYERS, I'm ready to heeeelp.

For those who are interested and would like to know more about this "pabili" process - you can add yourselves in the group and wait to be accepted (link below). All past transactions from June 2014 (when it all started) till February 2015 (last batch) are posted there.

Question, violent reaction (char), leave a comment below. :)

Here's the link for the group | https://www.facebook.com/groups/305734572926638/ - I changed it from Secret to Closed, so that everyone can join right away. After being accepted, kindly read the pinned post (Guidelines), all details can be read from there. If you have further concerns or any point of clarification, don't hesitate to DM me on facebook or tweet me @jjeromeduria. Thank you and have a great day lovelies 💙
11 December 2016 @ 12:16 pm
Hey guys. For Filipino fans out there, please adopt these iteeeems ;_;
Last price for the JUMP items.
Negotiable price for D2 items.
For more info, kindly DM me here or tweet me @jjeromeduria


Shison Jun First Photobook
- Opened once. I have scans before so I just opened this the first time I got the item.


10 Years Premium D-Live (First Press)
- Played once. Actually I just ripped the files to reupload them (links here)


Arai Atsushi JUNON DVD
- Played once (ripped). Links here.


Hey! Say! JUMP 2011-2012 calendar
- Mint condition. I bought it secondhand.

Hey! Say! JUMP! 2013-2014 Calendar

Note: the calendar is really big so I don't know how much it will cost to ship this. I'll allow meetups in u-belt area.
(not the actual photo)


09 December 2016 @ 06:37 pm
Hey there. I tried to make an MIR Pimp post last night... And to be honest
I think I have forgotten how hard it is to make long posts like that here on
my lj. eh. I couldn't remember how I made that 3-part D2 Pimp Post before,
or even my reviews on Aozora no Tamago. eh. I think I'm getting old. Or
became a lousy fangirl since I've stopped for a long time...? I dunno. Ugh.

Anyhow, you can check my initial draft of the pimp post here.
I would still have to update the links of the actors' accounts. And some
other external links of the Specials, BTS, etc. Ugh.

I'm trying to find softsubs of the show to fit the 1080p raw videos,
but I don't think they're available so I asked the subber if I could use
his translation to make srts for the raw files. Hopefully I can do it before
my last semester starts.

I'm always on Twitter (@jjeromeduria), and I'd visit my lj profile often,
so if you need anything or have any question regarding my old stuff here,
just let me know. JUMP-D2-whateverfandomIhaveherelol related, just
ask away! I'd love to talk to you guys again.

- Sab
08 December 2016 @ 07:21 pm

Welcome to the world of Make It Right - The Series

// Show Details //

Title: Make It Right: The Series (รักออกเดิน Ruk Auk Dern)
Genre: Boys Love (BL), Friendship, Romance, Youth
Aired: Season 1 | 15 May to 31 July 2016
        : Season 2 | 2017
Running Time: 45 minutes
Producers: Copy 'A Bangkok | COSOCOMO CO., Ltd | JINLOE MEDIA WORK
Network: MCOT HD | Line TV

Opening: "I Believe True Love Exists" (เชื่อว่ารักแท้มีจริง) by Gun Achi
Ending: "About Last Night" (เรื่องเมื่อคืน) by Tea Namcha

Note: The series is based from the novel of the same name. No english translations as of the moment.

Make It Right Official Accounts
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

// CAST //

Panichtamrong "Peak" Peemapol as Fuse
Instagram | Twitter

Udompanich "Boom" Krittapak as Tee
Instagram | Twitter

Chittsawangdee "Ohm" Pawat as Frame
Instagram | Twitter

Imerbpathom "Toey" Sittiwat as Book
Instagram | Twitter

Ratanaumnuayshai "Beam" Boonyakorn as Rodtang | IG | Twitter
Techakumphu "Bonne" Manapat as Nine | IG
Wongsamran "Aof" Sutiwas as Yok  | IG
Somkid "Nice" Vichapol as Lukmo | IG | Twitter
Ua-Ampon "Bright" Wichawet as Tan
Chanchalerm "Proy" Manasaporn as Fing | IG | Twitter
Sukpun "Praew" Rattaporn as Mook

Inthapuch "Tonson" Banyada as Jean | IG | Twitter
Kijworaluk "Plan" Rathavit as Wit | IG | Twitter
Nonthanee "Guy" Jirapun as Ess | Twitter
(will update this later my head hurts ;;)



// VIDEOS //

Official Teaser

Unofficial Teaser

Official Trailer


Opening: I Believe True Love Exists by

Ending: About Last Night by Tea Namcha

Can't Hug You by Toey Sittiwat

Love Has Gone

KissAsian (Subbed)
MEGA (1080p Unsubbed) (@JJong080525 on Twitter)

Episode 1: KissAsian
Episode 2: KissAsian
Episode 3: KissAsian
Episode 4: KissAsian
Episode 5: KissAsian
Episode 6: KissAsian
Episode 7: KissAsian

Episode 8: KissAsian
Episode 9: KissAsian
Episode 10: KissAsian
Episode 11: KissAsian
Episode 12: KissAsian

UPDATE: KissAsian's site is down - you may watch the drama in BOXASIAN instead. Link HERE.

Enjoy! Feel free to share you feels on this thread or tweet me @jjeromeduria.
- Sab
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08 December 2016 @ 03:46 pm


It's been a while since the last time I updated this journal. Real update, I mean. The second to the last semester of my university life has ended, and I'm currently back to the game - fan girl mode on, but not quite the same.

For the past two years, I've been on hiatus. University works eat most of my time, and I admit, I lost interest in following updates in my fandoms, especially when I became more engaged with socializing with my friends here in my dormitory. I went back to listening to Western music alone - and lost track of anything related to my Asian fandoms. I deleted my old tumblr, and I don't update this journal anymore. I had to sell my fandom things to save up for other stuff (which in the end I wasn't able to buy -- long story).

To sum it up, I almost know nothing about my fandoms anymore. Except for the updates I can still see on Facebook or Twitter.

By the way, I'm about to graduate soon! One more semester to go and I'm dooooone! (To be honest, I don't know if I should be happy or scared)


So last week, I saw this certain clip of BL scene compilation from a web series. I was curious so I had to look it up. I found out its title is "Matching! Boys Archery" - which is a Korean Web Series with 8 episodes (ave. 15mins per ep). The next thing I knew, I already finished all episodes and with that, my fujoshi feels is back on track.

I was able to find a list of BL dramas/movies - and one show that caught my attention was "Addicted/Heroin". It's a reaaaaally good show, but sadly, the next season was cancelled due to China's policy. (heartbreaking...) Honestly, after watching this, I thought I'd never be as hooked to any other drama as I did to this show. BUT I WAS WRONG.


As I browse through the titles of the BL list that I found, another show caught my attention - but of course, I was hesitant because I might get disappointed. (Yeah - I'm too picky). But since I have nothing to watch anymore, I decided to give it a try. Its a Thai Series called "Make It Right".

Thursday night: I started to watch the first episode.
Friday, 6:00am: Wide awake, just finished the series. Scrolling through the show's soompi thread. Looked for the actors' Instagram accounts. Saved photos. Slept happily.

I won't comment on the show here yet, since I'm about to make a pimp post for those who might get lost and would need a guide (as much as I needed it the first time I saw the show).

In other words, I WAS HOOKED. And I'm done for.

And then...

(That same day) Friday, 10:30am: Browsed for Facebook groups related to MIR.
12:00pm: Found Make It Right Philippines (relevant for me ;_;)
And then there was the poster... They will have a fan meeting here in Manila on March!
Throughout the rest of the day, I was contemplating on how I could get the money to buy a ticket for myself. I COULD NOT MISS THIS.

9:00pm: I talked to my friend in Canada (he's asleep).

Saturday, 6:30am: He responded. He agreed to lend me the money. And he said half of the payment is on him, as a gift for me. I nearly died.

Do I even deserve having this kind of friend.

SO, in conclusion.

I found a new fandom I'd like to put my energy on. I'm trying to learn Thai language (anyone interested in helping me?). I also decided to save up money to visit Thailand (for 2 weeks-one month, depends) after graduation. I really want to stay longer this time, in the fandom, I mean.

Right now, I'm watching MIR (still waiting for next year's movie and new season), SOTUS the Series, MiraigarT1 (no subs yet whyyy), and War of High School the Series. Gradually, I'll try to watch more Thai dramas. But for now, I'm focused with my MIR babies.

BUT that doesn't mean I don't love my Korean or Japanese fandoms anymore. It's just that I decided I'll invest more time learning about Thailand from now on. (Which is also helpful for my undergrad degree lol)

So... that's it. I will be making a pimp post regarding MIR. If ever you stumble upon this show, I hope the pimp post can help and guide you.

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