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28 April 2014 @ 08:10 pm
[translation] Ameblo; 042814 Araki Hirofumi -「Check 393」  

Araki Hirofumi
042814, 11:13:57 --「Check 393」

original text here: 荒木宏文


The real (regular) Tumbling practice has started, the dress rehearsal,
and the combination of the rhythmic gymnastic practice will be in a few days.

Gata has already come.

Care couldn't catch up.

I hope my body could get used to it soon.

If my body couldn't afford to get used to it and stay as it is,
my body might break down (be destroyed).

I want to keep in mind everything soon.


n o t e s ;

Everything was almost literally translated, and this is roughly my so-called translation. (lol) This was short but it took me a while to decide whether which word(s) is appropriate and understandable (tho I'm pretty sure this is quite confusing). I tried to translate a blog post (for the first time), which is way longer than a one or two-liner tweet, with the help of my kanji recognizer, japanese dictionary, google (for long kanjis), some STUCK (stock) knowledge and my killer instincts and wide imagination to solve those words like puzzles. Haha. Ugh. I'm so sorry, I'm still learning, and I have no proper education in Japanese language YET, so please bear with me.

Anyways, I'm quite sure that that was the summary/somewhat a clue/main idea (lol) of Hirofumi-kun's blog post for today. /o/

On the last part, I would've like to put 'I want to learn everything soon' but I chose to use the literal translation of '頭に入れたい' which is to keep in mind.

Again, I'm so sorry and I'll try my best from now own. This will be the start of my little experiment~ これからもがんばりまーす! よろしくお願いします!
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tilmontilmon on April 28th, 2014 04:43 pm (UTC)
It's great that you are doing this. Right or wrong, you will get better each time! I wish I would be faithful about translating things so I would improve.
insaneeuphoriiia: kitamitsulovepyyung on April 28th, 2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much! I thought it's better to start practicing myself as early as now to get used to it. I tried to translate short tweets at first, and make romanji for lyrics. So this is quite the challenge for me now. Yoroshiku!
sakura mochikiret4 on April 29th, 2014 12:45 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating.